MET - Company


MET has been working in the label sector since 1965. 45 needle and rapier looms power together with an advanced hot and ink printing dept give a wide range of high quality products. Our manufacturing is totally “vertical” so each and every phase of production take place in our newly constructed modern factory.

The Human Factory

Our people know the importance of playing the greatest attention to costumer and market needs. They give the human element to the label. We believe that a well made woven label is a product’s visiting card. Something that takes an item from anonymity to a discrete but important identity. Proof of authenticity, a touch of class. Your signature “in the margin” so to speak. Our sensibility and style to produce your own label making it unique.


In all we do always searching the best.


Our pride. Customers are sure to have reliable partner. Your brand will be as safe as in a strong-box. Your privacy will be guaranteed.