As far as our products are concerned, the use of the highest quality raw material is essential (such as cationic yarns characterised by guaranteed solidity even in the most problematic colours) furnished by extremely professional suppliers.
Nearly the totality of our products undergo ultrasound cutting and finishing which confers extreme softness to the label.

Taffetas Salvaged Labels

Simple, soft, slight, faithfully following the tradition of the past.

Satin Labels

To engrave your signature in an elegant way, with an aristocratic touch.

High Definition Labels

In this instance the watchwords are purity in the colours and clarity in the graphic details, fruit of our designers' meticulous expertise.
The constant research of the best underpins the new SUPREME labels, produced in high definition and unique warp. The outcome is the combination of class and elegance, concentrated in one square centimeter.

Cotton Labels

This kind of labels constitutes an important part of our work as well, got thanks to their high density in one case, and traditional technic in the other.

Embroidered Labels

These labels are embroidered on different types of fabric, depending on the customer's demand.

Woven patches laser cut

High quality product with embroidery look and shape accuracy. Backing available: non-woven material, self adhesive, thermo adhesive, felt.

Numbered jacquard labels

You can get your labels woven with numbered sequences, progressively or not, bar-code, counterfeiting treatment.

Hot printed labels

Indelible in order to follow the market law requirements.
They are printed on a special treated polyester fabric that guarantees the best durability. Therefore maintainance is ensured.


Jacquard tapes are available for all demands: rigid, with non-slip rubber inserts, lasered.

Printed Tapes

Produced on different materials: cotton and smooth polyester for a casual-elegant result, self adhesive paper and pvc to seal the envelopes which contain your products.


Wide range of choice: from the woven – to the printed one. It is possible to add a string or a stamp.