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Beverage Labels

When expert craftsmanship merges with technological innovation, BEVERAGE Labels are born

BEVERAGE labels are one of our latest developments for distilleries, liquor and wine producers who seek market visibility for refinement and original traits.

They are not a mere embellishment for the bottle but actual added value for your brand. Indeed, the high quality aesthetics convey a sense of prestige, placing you apart from the competition, and leaving an indelible impression on consumers.

BEVERAGE labels can be fully customised to meet each producer’s specific requirements.

Customisation looks beyond design, as we also include the choice of weaves, colours and finishes. Every detail is studied with the utmost care to guarantee an original result that matches the prestige of bottles.

Our woven labels offer a unique feel and unparalleled visual quality.

By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, we offer a unique and valuable product.

The production cycle differs from the production of labels for the garment sector, as it involves a series of steps studied to ensure impeccable quality that perfectly blends with the bottles.

The initial ribbon height is slightly higher than in the graphic draft, to compensate for the part to be chipped off during laser cutting.
To ensure excellent performance, we recommend the use of a limited selection of colours to ensure an ideal calibration of weaves and the textile balance required for application.

Our labels are made of high definition canvas or satin-quality polyester to offer extraordinary gloss and sharpness.

At the end of the weaving process, the adhesive layer is applied on the BEVERAGE label by using a substrate that is resistant to moisture and climate change, and which is also sufficiently robust to tensile stress and strain during additional processing, such as laser cutting.
This final step is rather delicate, and requires precision and care, since adjusting laser beam intensity allows to cut only the label, while preserving the substrate intact.

Once production is complete, the BEVERAGE label is delivered in rolls to proceed with the labelling process, which can be either manual or automated.

For whoever is looking for an accessory that stands out on the market: BEVERAGE labels are the ideal choice


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