We bring your ideas to life

An impressive number of looms and the assistance of an in-house graphic design office means we can supply each of our customers with customized products. From selvedge labels made on needle looms to high definition labels with various weave densities produced on rapier and air-jet looms.

Our staff is able to provide customers with assistance in choosing the type of product best suited to the graphics and colours of the design to be created.

Etichette in Taffeta

Taffeta labels

Particularly appreciated for the lightness of the fabric and its retro look.

The selvedge edges ensure resistance to garment dyeing and treatment washes such as stone wash and sand wash.

Satin labels

Soft to the touch, they are slightly thicker than taffeta labels and have a matte or shiny surface given by a good weft and warp density.

Etichette Satin

Standard High Definition labels

Classic and elegant, they are perfect for bringing out the purity of the colours and clarity of the graphics. 

Wash-resistant HD labels, featuring a standard warp and weft density.

Ultrasonic edge finish.

Kompact High Definition labels

Ideal for enhancing and adding value to the finished product with an article with well-defined details.

An evolution of the Standard high definition label, they feature a high weave density.

Ultrasonic edge finish.

Suprema High Definition Labels

Very high definition and special weaves give an elegant, refined look. 

Supreme expression of the beauty of the fabric that combines high weft and warp density. 

Ultrasonic edge finish.

Green Cotton labels

Our sustainable range includes selvedge twill labels in raw cotton. High definition brings out the purity of the cotton and precision of the details.

Etichette Green Cotton
Etichetta Digicolor

Digicolour labels

Special software and the skill of our designers create labels with photographic-effect woven images.

Ribbons/tapes for clothing

Woven ribbons/tapes for the clothing and footwear industries lend themselves to numerous uses:

  • external decoration of sleeves and trousers
  • customization of preconstructed waistbands
  • embellishment of apparel with special details.

Cut and fold

All labels can be cut and folded according to their use on the finished garment.
Ribbons/tapes for clothing are available packaged in rolls or on flanged spools.

Highlight your brand: not only labels

We offer a complete service with the manufacture of a vast range of customized accessories such as hang tags, tags, button holders and other materials to support product communication.