Suede labels

Microfibre labels with a “suede” effect with extraordinary lightness and wash resistance properties. Screen printed and available in multiple colours and thicknesses, they are high-performing. Optimal for use in the footwear, fashion and luxury household linen industries.

Stretch jersey labels

Combining the precision of screen printing with the elasticity of runproof fabric. Made of polyamide microfiber with a high percentage of elastane, they adapt perfectly to the fit of the garment. Ultra-resistant and bi-stretch, they also provide excellent performance in terms of wash resistance. Ideal to pair with sportswear and underwear.

Silk-screened elastics

High definition silk screen printed labels in polyester and elastomer ensuring good extension capacity and resistance.

Highlight your brand: not only labels

We offer a complete service with the manufacture of a vast range of customized accessories such as hang tags, tags, button holders and other materials to support product communication.