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Innovation at the service of the customer

Our machinery, built up over more than 50 years of business, ranges from selvedge forming needle looms – for more traditional and retro products – to rapier and air-jet looms for cutting-edge articles. All machines are state of the art, allowing us to carry out processes that guarantee the highest standard of quality.

Ultrasonic Cutting

Straight cold cutting with a vibrating blade confers a particular softness to the edges.

This type of finish can be applied to almost all products made on rapier and air-jet looms, elevating the quality standard of our products.


Customized embroidery can be applied on labels and ribbons/tapes, or as overlock on the edges of logos. A detail to enhance and add value to the garment.

Anti-counterfeiting and

Ribbons/tapes and labels can be numbered progressively and unequivocally marked.

An anti-counterfeiting system consisting of woven bar codes and QR codes is also available.


Various types of fold can be applied to labels and are carried out in our packaging department.

Our team can recommend the most suitable type of fold according to the end use of the product:

  • End fold
  • Centre fold
  • Book fold
  • Manhattan fold
  • Mitre fold

Adhesive can be applied to the back of the label.

Laser Cut

State of the art technology that uses computerized templates and laser beams to obtain precise and very complex shapes

All products, including those with adhesive base, can be shaped.


Dye sublimation process for tapes/ribbons and labels with either patterns or solid colours.


Labels and tapes/ribbons can be printed using different techniques depending on the end use of the product:

  • Heat printing for an economic, versatile product
  • Offset printing, precise down to the smallest detail, particularly indicated for large volume production
  • Screen printing for a top quality, indelible product, can be carried out on numerous colour backgrounds and materials, from fabric to polyurethane.


Printing with embossed or relief effects is also available.