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Certificazione Global Recycle Standard (GRS)

GRS certification (Global Recycle Standard)

The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) is the most important international standard that promotes the sustainable production of garments and textile products. It is promoted by Textile Exchange, an international non-profit organization that brings together around 300 entities, including brands and retailers committed to promoting environmental and social responsibility policies.

The GRS provides for the issue of a verified environmental statement – issued in Italy by ICEA – which certifies products and manufacturing activities that meet the necessary requisites. Certification concerns the entire production chain: from recycling of materials, through the manufacturing phase, up to labelling of the finished product.

The main requisites of the GRS certification

The standard encourages the use of a sustainable production model, with the aim of reducing the consumption of virgin raw materials, water and energy by increasing the quality of recycled products.
Issue of the environmental statement is verified by ICEA and ensures:

  • maintaining traceability throughout the production process (Supply Chain Requirements)
  • products containing at least 50% pre- and post-consumer recycled material (Recycled Material Requirements)
  • restrictions on the use of chemical products especially if highly polluting and harmful (Chemical Requirements)
  • compliance with environmental and social criteria for the protection of the environment and man (Environmental and Social Requirements)

GRS Certification Process

The certification process provides for a preliminary assessment of the products and the production process, as well as conformity of raw materials, suppliers and chemical products used in the various manufacturing processes. Subsequently, an inspection is scheduled to ascertain compliance with all the criteria imposed by the standard. If they are all compliant, an approved certification body – represented by ICEA in Italy – issues the Certificate of Conformity.
Finally, annual surveillance is envisaged with periodic inspections of all phases of the production process.

Why has M.E.T. Manifattura Etichette Tessute requested GRS certification?

In recent decades we have chosen to invest in the planet and to adopt an ethical environmental policy: GRS certification was just one of the latest achievements. Our sustainability policy also includes the use of renewable energy (our photovoltaic system powers 40% of production processes), the gradual replacement of conventional raw materials with recycled ones, controlled waste management and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

ICEA – Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification

ICEA is a non-profit consortium that promotes a sustainable and supportive economy model: through the issue of certifications – such as the GRS standard – it monitors and certifies numerous companies that carry out their business with respect for man and the environment.